Monday, January 16, 2006


Proposals rolling in...

Proposals are rolling in for presentation at HigherEd BlogCon in April, 2006.

There are so many I could highlight, but I wanted to call out two that were submitted and subsequently followed up with posts by the authors on their own blogs. I find it interesting to learn about the context from which these proposals arise--either from the follow-up posts or from the blogs themsleves.

First there is a proposal from Dorothea Salo on "Open Access for Teachers." She likes the idea of HEBC but doesn't like the name so well :).

Then on the teaching side of the event, we have a proposal from James Farmer (of and on "Blogs as Personal Learning Environments." James asks whether the event is free.

Yes, it's free. (Definitely needs to be said more prominently on the website.) There will be for-pay webinars presented by CASE, but the HEBC content will be entirely free.

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HEBC catching on in the K-12 space

Some are expressing interest in running an HEBC-type BlogCon for a K-12 audience. I think it's a splendid idea. :)

Check out some links on my post over on SHE.

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